Preston Stone Art

Policy and things to keep in mind for your orders

-General: I am one artist attempting to run an illustration business, kickstarters, patreons, and run a web site all at the same time. Please be patient with any orders you place in the print/products and original shops. I may not be able to ship them that day, and I don't have the resources in place for overnight shipping. 

-Prints: Please keep in mind when you order a print, that they may not be in my hands when you click buy. I occasionally run out of prints in stock after conventions and other events. If this happens, I will make an effort to notify you of the delay. If I am unable to contact you about this, you will simply receive a delayed notice of shipment and a print at your door in a little over a week. 



Returns & Exchanges

I cannot accept most returns at the moment.

I can cancel an order for you if you contact me soon enough. 

You may contact me at if you have any questions about your order.